HomeAdvice Certification Program

AirAdvice’s new contractor certification program is the latest solution to providing comprehensive IAQ training for contractors. The HomeAdvice Certification Program provides contractors with proof of the effort they’ve put in to learning the HomeAdvice technology, and allows you to show your customers that you truly are qualified to recommend solutions to their indoor air quality issues.

The HomeAdvice Certification Program allows contractors to:

  • Differentiate yourselves from your competitors on the basis of knowledge, service, and experience
  • Assure your customers that your team is truly qualified to address their needs for clean, comfortable, healthy indoor air
  • Generate more new leads by becoming go-to contractors for AirAdvice to recommend to consumers

Isaac Simpson, vice president of contractor services, says that it’s important that contractors “not just say you’re different, but actually be different. This program allows you to do just that-to take steps to gain these skills, and then show that you can take care of your customers better than the competition.”

Isaac recommends the program for current HomeAdvice customers because it will set them apart as a company that has invested time and effort into the HomeAdvice program and has proved that they know their stuff. “When consumers come directly to us or look at our website for a contractor, we want to know that the company we recommend knows our system. Certified contractors will be identified on the website as the best ones to hire, and they’re the companies we’ll suggest to consumers.”

The HomeAdvice Certification Program delivers all necessary elements for successful HVAC-IAQ program implementation and business growth planning, including field-proven tactics and best practices on:

  • Performance goals and key program metrics for your IAQ team
  • Team-building, roles, performance metrics, and incentives
  • Training via coursework and hands-on exercises
  • Insight into the go-to-market process: lead qualification, customer placements, and new equipment proposals

The certification program itself is simple: go through steps to proves that management has a plan to utilize the HomeAdvice system, that the company has committed multiple employees to learning how to use the system, and that those employees have actually gone through the process rather than just being told how to. Training can be completed online, over the phone, or in the classroom. Many contractors will find that an AirAdvice distribution partner in their area is offering a one-day class that will complete all coursework required for certification.

Keith McCormick, HomeAdvice Business Advisor, works closely with the many contractors already going through certification, and says, “Everyone’s response is overwhelmingly positive. Contractors are excited about this great chance for differentiation-both from competitors in their area as well as other AirAdvice contractors. I’ve heard a few times that the certification will help contractors to show that their company truly cares about its customers.” Keith, a former owner of an HVAC company himself, knows the value of certifications. “The more plaques and certificates you can garner, the better. This shows that contractors have put in the effort and gone that extra step for their customers.”

Isaac Simpson adds that “Certification benefits everyone in the chain. Homeowners will be assured that the contractors in their home are experts who can recommend appropriate IAQ solutions. Contractors will have an effective IAQ program and the objective third-party credential that sets them apart from the rest in their market. And distributors and manufacturers benefit from a contractor base that has effective IAQ strategies and can easily recommend the right products to address any problems.”

Get certified soon! For more information or to get started, contact your HomeAdvice coach.

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