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Why The Building Advisor Loves ULI, Too

September 7th, 2011 by Jim Crowder

Rachel Headings on a dream date with ULI

So, the Urban Land Institute (ULI) is really smart. Last summer they launched a video contest – the very directly aimed “Why I Love ULI Video Contest” – and recently announced the winners in advance of the organization’s Fall Meeting and Urban Land Expo in Los Angeles, Calif. coming up October 25-28. Best of all, ULI posted the most contest entries on their YouTube channel, ULITV. Brilliant!

And other than the fact that it’s hard to find really good videos having to do with building performance, here’s why ULI isn’t really off topic for The Building Advisor: the Urban Land Institute provides leadership in the responsible use of land, and in creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide. This membership organization supports real estate professionals, including contractors, at the local, national and global levels with regard to best practices, industry news, land use development, and a free exchange of ideas.

But Rob Voigt explains it way better.

Joanna Todaro puts it all poetically to a sweetly animated, adorably scored video that articulates the HVAC related virtues of ULI: bridging professionals and social responsibility. And watching Rachel Headings fall in love with a personified ULI is nothing short of a mini romcom.

Now, Stephanie Darden kinda stole The Building Advisor’s heart with this one. Why? Because hugging a building is what it feels like when you’re happy that it’s functioning as energy efficiently as possible. And for the dog who makes a cameo.

But the winner is – well, telling in that it got the most likes on ULI’s Facebook Page. Man I Love ULI — submitted by Varun Sharma of Toronto, Ontario – will thump its way into your heart. Sharma is a gangsta of love, this much is clear. He will be awarded a one year ULI Young Leader (less than 35 years) or Associate Membership, along with an all-expense paid trip to the 2011 ULI Fall Meeting and Urban Land Expo, October 25 – 28 in Los Angeles.

Read more about the content and winners at the ULI Live! website, dedicated to the organization’s Fall Meeting and Urban Land Expo in Los Angeles, Calif. October 25-28.

Proposed LEED Revisions Embrace Energy Efficiency

November 18th, 2010 by Jim Crowder

Last week’s roll out of public hearings for proposed revisions to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards mark a historic moment for the energy efficiency sector, as it is the first time the internationally recognized ratings system will address how a building is run once it is built.

The performance credit category measures a building’s operating performance. As LEED standards primarily address new construction decisions, the efficiency of the building was implied, but made “promises of efficiency that weren’t delivered,” said Clinton Andrews, a professor of planning and public policy at Rutgers University in The New York Times recently.

LEED would collect and report this data anonymously through its Building Performance Partnership.

Another proposed change, the “integrated process” category, intends architects, engineers and contractors to sit down together in search of top building performance.

World's first LEED-certified parking garage in Santa Monica, CA

In the same week, The U.S. Green Building Council announced that 1 billion square feet of buildings, many of them in the United States, have now been LEED certified. Even the wry New York Observer – which, for the record, is tired of announcements on LEED-certified dog kennels, called the 10-year-old program “a pretty amazing accomplishment.”

Images courtesy inhabitat, USGBC.

Energy Efficiency Chatter: We Couldn’t Have Said It Better

September 3rd, 2010 by Jim Crowder

Is it us, or does it feel like it’s all about us lately?

Building Retrofits Need an Extreme Makeover -Reuters – “the industry as a whole needs a robust set of data on post-retrofit performance and payback before they will be convinced that the opportunity to reduce operating costs is real, the risks are low, and the ROI is high enough to justify investments in efficiency.”

Image by Ben Heine

How the Fate of PACE Could Influence the Clean Energy – PACE financing is a potentially revolutionary way to retrofit commercial, residential, and industrial properties with energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. The program overcomes one of the largest hurdles to investment in clean energy — the upfront cost.”

Creating 625,000 jobs and saving $64 billion through energy efficiencyGrist – “Efficiency Works” [PDF], a major new report by Bracken Hendricks, Bill Campbell, and Pen Goodale, finds that a straightforward set of policies aimed at upgrading just 40 percent of the residential and commercial building stock in the United States would:

  • Create 625,000 sustained full-time jobs over a decade.
  • Spark $500 billion in new investments to upgrade 50 million homes and office buildings.
  • Generate as much as $64 billion a year in cost savings for U.S. ratepayers, freeing consumers to spend their money in more productive ways.

Universal Benchmarking Is Essential in the Fight Against Global WarmingHuffington Post – “We need the benchmark numbers to motivate change. Without them, how will we measure progress? How will we create the most effective policies and incentives?”

Image: Ben Heine’s photostream on Flickr