Five Commercial Energy Efficiency Tips

Tall concrete buildingSo, you want to increase your commercial building’s energy efficiency. You’re finally convinced that efficiency is the first fuel, that 40% is too much for commercial buildings to suck out of the US’ total energy production, and that the benefits of increasing efficiency reach not only the environment but to your business’ bottom line.

Maybe you’re not quite ready to ask your building’s mechanical, HVAC, or energy engineer about BuildingAdvice’s Energy Benchmarking, Assessment, or Audit Reports, but you want to know what a few things you can do right now are. Does The Building Advisor have a Top Five list for you!

Top Five Ways to Increase Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings

  1. Illustration of tall buildings with dramatic gray clouds behind themCurtail over-ventilation – The number one culprit in the fight against energy waste. Lucas Klesch wrote a comprehensive post on overventilation here, soon to be accessible on Sustainable Facility. He goes into detail on the value of a property functioning economizer and damper system.
  2. Adjust lighting schedule – Does your lighting schedule match your tenant schedule? Matching the two more closely allows you to get the most out of the energy usage when you need it.
  3. Eliminate competing HVAC systems – As crazy as it sounds, many buildings run heating and cooling systems simultaneously. What’s even richer is that mechanical service providers often aren’t aware that this is happening. Stop your building from fighting with itself and reap the benefits in your utility bills.
  4. Re-evaluate HVAC when space configuration changes – Have you downsized your staff? Put up a wall or other internal partition in a large office area? If there are  unoccupied areas of your property or changes in your space configurations, most likely your HVAC systems aren’t up to par for the changes made. Re-assess the space’s needs by evaluating control points and air distribution locations.
  5. Take weekends off – Unless your office or commercial building is in full swing seven days a week, make sure you’re not running air conditioning when there’s no one there to benefit from it.

Go a favorite energy efficiency tip for commercial buildings? Share it here!

Images courtesy anton khoff and Grant MacDonald.

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