The ENERGY STAR Challenge

Buildings use about $200 billion worth of electricity and natural gas each year.  What if we could cut just 10% of commercial buildings’ energy consumption?  Very reasonable, wouldn’t you agree?  That would be $20 billion in savings!

That’s what’s at stake in the new ENERGY STAR Challenge:  Building owners, managers, and service providers working to achieve just a 10% drop in energy use.

Here is what we’re encouraged to do:

  • Measure and track energy use.  (Energy benchmarking…the easy way to get started.  We can help you.)
  • Develop a plan for energy improvements.
  • Make energy efficiency upgrades.
  • Help spread the energy efficiency word to others.

A toolkit is available at ENERGY STAR’s website, which provides all sorts of collateral and resources, including sample text for communications, a presentation, certificates, web banners, posters, and more.

What’s great about this goal is its attainability.  10% is nothing.  Seriously.  Through low & no cost measures alone, you should be able to save MORE than 10%.  So, join the challenge.  If you are a contractor, this is a great way to elevate your position with clients and prospects – tell them that you can knock off at least 10% of their energy bill and get them recognized through ENERGY STAR in the process.

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One Response to “The ENERGY STAR Challenge”

  1. meglet Says:

    The low hanging fruit in the building would more than constitute the 10% savings goal of $20 billion. BOMA preaches everyday about the 5-30% O&M type opportunities in a building with little or NO capital investment!! Imagine a 30% savings instead of 10%??! It’s clear that we all know about these amazing savings opportunities, the question is, how do we get building owners to act?

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